I’m Ready to Hand This 2-Year-Old Girl an Oscar For Her “Let It Go” Performance

I’m Ready to Hand This 2-Year-Old Girl an Oscar For Her “Let It Go” Performance

On a rare snowy day in West Texas, Kristi Burgess caught her 2-year-old daughter, Madelyn, performing a dramatic reenactment of Elsa’s “Let It Go” scene from Disney’s Frozen while looking like a true royal. Madelyn, a huge fan of the Frozen franchise, took the chilly opportunity to unleash her inner ice queen (aka let it go) to the tune of her favorite song, and frozen fractals went flying everywhere.

“Madelyn has to wear her Elsa dress every day — so much so that we have had to sew it multiple times.”

“Madelyn has loved Frozen since the first time she watched it,” Kristi told POPSUGAR via email. “After she watched the second Frozen [movie] is when she truly became a fan! We listen to it every time we get in the car and when we are home we are either watching the movie or replaying the music video over and over . . . Madelyn knows every word of the first movie and can sing every song!”

A true actress (and songstress), Madelyn will let her mom know to pause the song if she’s not ready and only give the go-ahead once she’s put on her princess gloves and crown. “Madelyn has to wear her Elsa dress every day, so much so that we have had to sew it multiple times,” Kristi said. “My friend just bought her actual Elsa gloves two weeks ago and they are already worn out!” The gloves are a key part of Madelyn’s performance, as seen in the video when she dramatically pulls them off à la Elsa and throws them on the snow-covered ground — true showmanship.

Kristi went on to say that, just like Queen Elsa, Madelyn has faced struggles on her way to becoming the little princess she is today. When she was only a year old, a doctor confirmed that Madelyn has hip dysplasia, which occurs when the hip joint is partially or completely dislocated, according to Mayo Clinic. Following the diagnosis, Madelyn underwent surgery and had to wear two full-body casts for three months with a bar between both of her legs. “My daughter handled this situation so well — she’s such a brave and happy little baby,” Kristi said. “Through this time we worked a lot with her mentally so she wouldn’t get frustrated or discouraged.”

Despite her ongoing struggles with her hip dysplasia, Madelyn hasn’t let the condition stop her from excelling at daycare and showing off her theatrical skills. “Madelyn is a very smart and talented young lady. She even moved up early in her daycare because of how advanced she is,” Kristi added. “I am truly blessed to have such an amazing daughter. I am glad the world has got the chance to see a glimpse of how amazing she is! She makes me proud every day.”

See Madelyn’s full performance and more photos of the toddler embracing her inner Queen Elsa ahead.

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