25 VSCO Makeup Looks So Good, You’ll Be Racing to Find Some Natural Light

25 VSCO Makeup Looks So Good, You’ll Be Racing to Find Some Natural Light

Makeup trends come and go, but we’re betting the first of 2020 will stick around for awhile. Meet “VSCO makeup,” a subtle, albeit fast-growing, beauty trend that according to its name started on the popular photo-editing app, VSCO. Unlike the bold and dramatic trends that start on runways and red carpets, “VSCO makeup” is hard to spot without context. With that in mind, once you notice it, there’s no turning back because, right now, it’s everywhere.

The best part about the “VSCO makeup” craze is that it’s relatively nonspecific — it doesn’t really involve anything complicated or ornate. More often than not, photos tagged with the popular hashtag feature a ton of natural light, a speck of highlighter dotted on the inner corners of the eyes, and a juicy clear lip gloss. It’s simple enough that everyone can try it out, which is probably why it’s so loved right now — by regular people and celebrities alike. In fact, according to a recent Pinterest report, searches for “VSCO makeup” are up 913 percent.

It’s safe to say we have the “VSCO girl” to thank for this one. The Gen Z archetype popularized in 2019 is one that embodies a generation who favors fresh-faced, sun-kissed makeup over anything full-coverage. We already know the “VSCO girl” is a beauty enthusiast, pegged to change the way we buy beauty products forever, but who knew she’d also be the one to convince us to curl our lashes and ditch foundation?

To offer a little inspiration, we found the best “VSCO makeup” looks out there.

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